3Y Mount FAQ

Will this fit my Model S or Model X?

No. The 3Y Mount was designed to fit  the 15" Model 3 and Model Y monitor. 

How should I position my phone on the mount? 

Because of the height and position of the 15" monitor, 3Y Mount was designed for landscape use to avoid view obstruction. However, you may use it in any position that best suits you. Please consult with your local laws to avoid unnecessary tickets. 

What material is the mount made of?

3Y Mount is made of ABS plastic with UV coating. Magnet seal is made of soft rubber material.

Will it scratch my screen? 

The felt pads under every unit will prevent it from scrathing your monitor. 

How will the mount hold? 

After testing several adhesives, including similar adhesive included with your factory front license plate holder.  We decided to use nano adhesive technology because of how well it performed during our stress test. It has been thoroughly tested in hot and cold weather and plenty of 0-60 launches.

Do I need a special phone or case to fit?

You may use any type of smartphone with the 3Y mount. 90% of the cases will work, simply make sure the magnet plate reaches the actual magnet holder. Phone cases with bulky designs centered on the back of the case will mostly not fit. 

What devices have you tested with this mount?

Devices used daily on this mount by testers are : iPhone 8, iPhone 11 Pro Max, Galaxy S10+, and with an iPad Mini mounted on the lower part of the monitor. 

Where can I install this mount? 

3Y Mount was designed to fit the top of your monitor. It can also be used on the sides or bottom part of the monitor. 

Will the magnet ruin my phone?

Smartphones have no hard drives, so it is safe to use without causing damage.