Magnetic Phone Holder
Magnetic Phone Holder
Magnetic Phone Holder
Magnetic Phone Holder
Magnetic Phone Holder
Magnetic Phone Holder
Magnetic Phone Holder
Magnetic Phone Holder
Magnetic Phone Holder
Magnetic Phone Holder
Magnetic Phone Holder

Magnetic Phone Holder

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Magnetic Phone Holder for you Tesla Model 3 or Model Y. Custom built to fit around your 15" monitor. 

✔ Easy to use - Holds your phone without a cradle. 
✔ Premium quality ABS plastic material with UV coating.
✔ Universal design, compatible with all smartphones.
✔ Hassle-free usage being hot & cold weather resistant.
✔ Quick and easy installation and comes with full instruction online video.
✔ Wide area of usage as it fits anywhere around your monitor.
✔ Highly reliable being track tested and 0-60 launched.

Package Includes:
1 x 3Y Magnetic Phone Mount.
2 x Stick on metal plates.
2 x Extra adhesives.
1 x Set of Wet/Dry wipes.
1 x Removal prying tool.
Installation card and video QR code behind the box.

  • PREMIUM QUALITY PHONE MOUNT: Designed for model 3 and model Y this tesla phone holder is made from durable ABS plastic materials with UV coating. Engineered to fit snug on the monitor without slipping or falling, thus securing your phone in place. Never miss your calls or use your phone with ease while keeping it accessible and safe while you drive.
  • 4 MOUNTING OPTIONS: We wanted to offer maximum flexibility of usage which is why this tesla 3 magnetic phone holder is designed to fit on all 4 sides of the monitor with ease. You can easily attach it onto your favorite location that suits your taste and convenience.
  • EASY ONE HANDED OPERATION: To make usage more convenient this screen phone holder for tesla is powered with strong magnets so that you can simply attach and detach your phone single handedly without any hassles unlike other cradle based models. Our customers have expressed great satisfaction with this easy configuration and everyone just loves it!
  • HIGHLY SECURE AND TRACK TESTED: Our team had successfully track tested the stability and reliability of this phone holder to ensure it holds your phone safely and securely without any damage to your phone or monitor. This magnetic phone holder works like a charm in hot and cold weather, thus giving you complete peace of mind.
  • COMPLETE PACKAGE: We wanted to make this purchase smooth and complete which is why this tesla 3 phone holder comes with 2 metal plates which can be used on two phones, wipes, nano adhesives and also a removal plastic tool. Additionally our self-explanatory installation video is also available via QR code to easily guide you step by step. 

Installation Instructions:
Step 1: Clean and wipe the back of the monitor using the included prep wipes.
Step 2: Remove both adhesive liners located on the corners of your mount. Position mount over the monitor and apply medium to hard pressure until mount feels fully secured.
Step 3: Place a non-magnet plate between your phone and case.
Step 4: Rest your phone onto the mount, making sure contact is made between the metal plate and magnet.

NOTE TO BUYER: To prevent a negative experience, please be sure to check line of sight with your mobile device over the monitor prior to ordering. You must use one of the included metal plates to hold your phone in place. iPhone 12/ 12 pro will not hold without a magnet plate.


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Disclaimer: Driver is responsible for the use of this product. Viewing videos while driving is not recommended. Please check with local laws for view obstructions rules and regulations, use at your own risk.